Your wardrobe is an opportunity to make an impression, and a resource for you to utilize in expressing who you are. Ensuring that you love every piece you own or add to your closet is detrimental in confidently feeling like the best version of yourself in whatever you put on. Finding clothes in a market of passing trends targeted towards limited consumers has been difficult for many over the years. Luckily, we as consumers have gotten around this unfortunate reality and purchase pieces here and there when something that fits or feels good works for us. What this kind of market has taught us, is to make the most of what you've got. My experience working in the retail and corporate world, both buying for and working on the sales floor, has opened up an opportunity for me to work firsthand in personal styling, while sharing my love and passion for creating looks and making connections with the women in my life. For these reasons, I wanted my boutique to emulate a space for my knowledge of the fashion world to shine through to help women find exactly what they did not know they needed. Goza's purpose is to encapsulate your wardrobe with pieces that are versatile, flattering, and unique.